Native Jimi

Its 9:29 pm on a hot, muggy, sweat filled New York Summer night. Instead of running towards the window or basking in the holy presence of the inconveniently placed A.C., I’m sitting in front of my nearly overheated laptop, writing my about page. Nothing in the world is harder than trying to describe yourself to people for the very first time. Well, maybe attempting this feat while stuck in an overheated room, with a four year old laptop burning your thighs, as you neurotically go over every line to see if they not only make sense individually and cohesively, but also that they are as beautifully done as possible, in the hopes that one day someone will say “damn that dude can write his ass off.” That’s just me though. I hate editing, yet I’m nervous about publishing every single post. It makes no sense, like the direction this tangent is taking me on.

Who am I? Well that depends on who you ask. For some, I’m a trusted source of good music, specifically hip hop and I guess people now classify things as “urban” music. To others, I’m an opinionated narcissist, who likes to hear his own voice (or I guess read his own thoughts). And yet to even others, I’m just a guy who likes to write about music from time to time, maybe a good read today, tomorrow…not so much.

Truly, I’m Native Jimi. A college graduate. Lover of music. Hip Hop Nerd. An Evangelist for the church of the dope, a disciple of the break beats. The son of the lost voices now found. A defender of those not saved by superheroes, who were forgotten on the fifth of November. Hip Hop Nerd. I’m not the only one that I would describe this way, in fact there are many, maybe even you.

Native is the crew, clique, collective, creators. Its my home away from home, my family with different DNA and blood. We are original, hopefull, creative, confrontational, hostile, and the opposite of that wack shit. We hope you continue to join and support us on the adventures that life throws our way.

This may be one of the strangest About pages you’ve read, or I have thought of, but its like me. I’m strange, I can’t hold onto thoughts for that long (thanks College), I’m not very straightforward, but somehow it all makes sense…eventually. I really hope you enjoy what you read or hear here, and that you come back for more. And maybe, you will begin to write your own About Jimi page in your head, one that is better than this.

Its really freaking hot, and now the sweat is inching its way down my back, onto my fingers, in the crevices between my toes. I’m way too uncomfortable, and the A.C. just called me. If you want to email me, hit me up anytime at Maybe you like Twitter, @NativeJimi.

Thank you for even looking at this About page, truly.