2014 Mixtape AKA Please, No Photos

Man, 2014 was a ride. Too many things happened. My memory has become so tempered by mass media that I barely remember what I ate for breakfast this morning. What I do remember is that a lot of good music came out. And this happened. So to help jog my memory, and yours, I put together a little collection of some great songs that came out this year–Rock, EDM, Hip-Hop. If you missed out on GHETTO BLASTER VOL. 1 from June, download that as well. It served as a mid year recap/shit I liked project.

Since I have a date with my sister and grandma to Lincoln Center on NYE, it’s like this mixtape is the perfect way to have me DJ your party. Please, stop emailing me requests to DJ your parties.

Some notes on this mixtape:

1. Yes, that’s a real person’s Facebook I used for the cover art. He’s a real fake Bollywood star.
2. I avoided including artists from the GHETTO BLASTER mixtape so you get some new stuff but a couple artists just deserved the extra love (Jungle, Chuck Inglish).
3. I’m getting into a lot of R&B lately, mainly because there’s a lot of it coming out that’s quality.
4. If you like the remake of “Blue Gangster,” I doubt we can be friends.
5. I’m very upset that my iPod didn’t play these songs more when I put it on shuffle. That setting may as well be called “Nah, I’m gon’ play these 15 songs forever. Don’t worry.”

Look out for a lot more good stuff from James and me in 2015, including a mixtape of all original music from dope artists around the country.