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Suns out. Guns out.

Summer is upon us. That means we’re all talking about how hot/humid/unbearable it is instead of how cold/windy/unbearable it is. It also means that we’re all spending significantly more time outside. At least, I hope that applies to you. So I’ve put together about 2 hours of some music that serve one purpose and many purposes at the same damn time. The one purpose is to help ease you into a looser state of mind (read that how you will) and the many purposes are to serve as the soundtrack to your World Cup hangover each morning, drive to work, BBQ with your friendemies, beach sessions, and everything in between. It’s my usual mix of new ish and some old ish that I still like.

Let me know how you feel about it. Share it. Hate it. Just don’t harsh my mellow. Anyone in the NYC area, you’re more than welcome to come kick it at Coney Island 6/21 for the official unofficial release party where I’ll be playing some of this mixtape on a stereo. I wish I was taller… and had a ghetto blaster…

Download the mixtape HERE (SPEAKERS GON BLAMMER) and learn how to chill HERE.