If Blogging Was The Dope Game, We Would Be The Worst Dealers

tamagotchiI honestly have no clue what I’m about to write, all I know is…

I’M ABOUT TO TURN THE F*CK UP (while censoring myself, because I’m a good Christian boy)!!!!!!

You have been warned, this post is too turnt.

A quick question, do you remember those Tamagotchi Digimon Pets from your childhood? Think back with me for a second, was there ever a time when you forgot to check if that little bugger was fed that day? Did you happen to forget to shake it vigorously enough to fulfill the strange Japanese technological strength condition ritual you signed up for upon purchase? Maybe you misplaced your twenty dollar virtual pet and found it the next day displaying a sick tombstone, the symbol of your ineptitude and heartbreak? Well, why did I bring up such hurtful memories and examples of our collective adolescent lack of child rearing skills?

One simple reason that I will share with you right now, if you would have me. You see, blogging is very much like that sweet Tamagotchi Pet game; it is a living, breathing virtual being. We have to feed it a healthy diet of information and articles; sometimes to exercise it, we might write a new line of code (even though our talents in this field are terrible at best, Macklemore at worst); finally throw in some intensive promotion and plugging (which actually hurts the wrists just as much) and you have yourself a pretty high level blog, congratulations.

However, life comes along, per usual, and proceeds to eradicate the most underrated ingredient: Time. You get home and your like, “I’m going to blog today, cause that would be awesome right,” and then around that second scoop of ice-cream your just like, “Yeah, I’ll hit them back tomorrow”. Here’s a secret: tomorrow never comes (Bond is a douche). You start to misplace your resources, forget to feed the machine, lose what little knowledge of coding you had, and finally just become indifferent to it’s existence. One day you wake up, type in the url, and you see your homepage that hasn’t been updated in months, a sad testament to your defeat at the hands of life once again.

That explains what’s been happening here the past couple of days months, we started with so much steam then got it beat out of us. Its a sad tale that’s been told a hundred times before, however, there is a silver lining.


Look out for more posts, trust us on this one. I had a conversation with Future the other day, and he was telling me that we are what the games been missing (of course none of this is true, #honest).  We don’t know when we will post, but you can look out for some more think pieces, hilarious tales from our mundane lives. Some guest writers, maybe an interview here or there. Just some good all around xxcessive fun.

This is Jimi btw
well my excuse for not posting is that i’ve been waking up to this for the last few months. i can’t stop ending suckas. can i LIVE?

And this is yung haaaaahn btw

my tamagotchi digimon pet is doing fine also. thanks for asking Jimi.