Dope Crisis Vol. 3

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How we treat your favorite rappers

Similar to my column over at The Source and one of my favorite Nas lines, this mixtape is most definitely on schedule but not on time. Every now and then I put out a Dope Crisis mixtape since there’s consistently a shortage of what I consider dope that’s hitting the streets aka you. You may recognize some of the tracks while some of the artists will confuse you. But there’s something about each track that caught my attention and should do the trick with you.

And here are some liner notes about specific tracks: Fiend has the best verse thus far, that I’ve heard, over that beat. Just make sure to change the start and end time in your iTunes to skip his shameless plug for his project. Akoko is a great female duo that could become something really amazing with some practice. Yes, I really did include the “Shit” megamix. You may need it. You’re welcome. Had to put some Outkast on here to celebrate their tour and upcoming album. The Black Opera makes smart Hip-Hop. This last track should be heard by yourself when you’re not doing much.

I included a screenshot of what the tracklist order should look like, the .m3u playlist file, and the mixtape artwork in the .zip file. Quit wasting your time and re-up right HERE.