Sum Sh*t I Wrote

So, I haven’t been around for awhile, which is bad bad bad form. I apologize. My absence was the result of weekly weekend burnout, not pure laziness, although I will admit that the latter had a little bit to do with it. I’ve been writing the whole time, just not for Native Suns or myself, which has been a terrible mistake. My mind has been flooded with ideas for new posts, but it seemed actually logging in and beginning was easier to fantasize about than to do.  Thankfully, even though its been some time since I last was able to let off a proper rant, this platform still remains and hopefully readers will come back to it.

I decided to change the format of the site as whole. Even though doing detailed reviews provide readers with a plethora of useful information and are generally appreciated, they also have a way of consuming one’s life. This is a tiny excuse on my part, but nonetheless, I don’t really have time to write as many reviews as I would like, especially if I want them to come out great. Now, I’m not saying that reviews are totally gone from the website, on the contrary, i’m saying don’t expect them frequently.

Instead, I will post a fair amount about the music I’ve been listening to, editorial pieces that have been floating around in my head, and the various happenings in the daily grind of my (our) life (lives). You noticed the parenthesis over there? Well, even though this entire post has been in first person singular, I’m hoping that some people would be gracious enough to jump on board and share some of their writing. I’m lucky enough to know a lot of great young writers, and it would be a treat for myself and readers, if they were cool enough to submit a post here or there. Since, for the most part, my life is fairly uneventful and I share my opinions even when unsolicited, it is necessary to have more than one voice on Native Suns.

Now that all of the house keeping is done, let me share with you what I’ve been doing recently. Warning: the following text may be filled with an excessive amount of humble brags, if this offends you…leave, leave right now, the author is in fact feeling some type of way (thank you lord!, Don’t look like that!).

First off, I’m writing for two music publications. 

Yeah, one wasn’t enough, I had to do two. In fact, if you factor in this blog plus another one that I’m in the works of joining that would be four total. I like to overload myself, free time freaks me out now. The first of the two major sites, is The Source Magazine. Every hip hop head remembers that one issue they read back in 97 or that Trina, maybe even Lil’ Kim cover that introduced them to their manhood. If you are really old school, you remember the Biggie line or the shout out by the Wu Tang Clan on their debut. If you don’t know what the Source is, do your homework homie, it’s important to the game. I write for their website and even the magazine now. I’ve learned so much about this whole business and met a ton of great artists, managers, and even cooler writers.

I also write for Earmilk, which has been equally awesome. It’s a little more eclectic, but I think a lot of people who read me probably read Earmilk as well. They have a ton of great music on the site and when I talk to anyone from there, I leave with the name of a new artist I need to look up or a writing technique that I need to practice. It’s great, challenging, but great. I actually write reviews for them sometime and those are tough, but I think my best work. (My best work of the five months I’ve been doing this haha.)

I’m going to try to link the articles I write for them to this site, so you guys can check them out as well. If you guys are interested I can just directly link some of my favorite posts in the comment section, let me know.

Secondly, I’ve been left in a stupor by twitter

Dear god is there a lot of crap on twitter. I mean what makes people believe that I want to know what they are doing every second of their lives. “In Houston, looking for that throwed bitch”, aww man, this guy is so cool. I wish I could be just like him, publicly announce open invitations to be my latest booty call. That tweet could also be “In Houston, who wants f**k”, and the same groupie chicks and the one really brave gay dude would still respond.

The previous example does come with a little manly (misogynistic) respect, but the people who really piss me off are the normal people doing normal shit that think its awesome. “Yo, I’m at Mcdonalds, bout to get that number 1 son,” ohhhhh shiiiiiittttt a Micky’s run, this dude is crazy awesome. It isn’t so much the message that gets me riled up, but the freaking instagram picture that’s attached to the followup, “Big Mac hit the Big Spot”, a filtered picture of a freaking Mcdonald’s burger son. One, your burger looks like crap (when you go to one of the big three fast food restaurants you shouldn’t expect the product to look like the pictures that would be too perfect). Have you ever said to yourself, “Man, I wonder what a Mcdonald’s burger would look like if I took a picture of it and then ran it through photo editing software so basic that twelve year old girls can use it?” No, then why do these people think you would want to see that stuff. Secondly, who hasn’t seen a burger before. Mcdonald’s isn’t this exclusive club, I believe you got the Big Mac, no photo evidence required. It irks me to no end, calm it down guy, CALM IT DOWN.

While I love to hate it, I do like Twitter. There’s so much information at your fingertips, and almost everyone has an account. You can find out what any of your favorite stars, athletes, actors, CEO’s, Clothing Brands, politicians, pastors, Lamas, fictional characters, food products, personalities, musicians, etc. are doing everyday. Its a little creepy how personal it can be, and I don’t like that aspect (which explains my normal people doing normal things hatred), but it provides me with so much news and insight that I totally overlook the negatives usually.

Listening to a lot of music.

October and September were crazy. So many great albums, so little time. I mean Pusha dropped a dope album, Dom Kennedy produced a great body of work, Danny Brown unleashed OLD, Vic Mensa just went pork product, Lil Durk surprised the hell out of me, and Maxo Kream is slowly rising from Houston. Honestly, these have been two great months for hip hop. It makes sense that some people are saying that this might be the best year for the genre in a long time, I’m still wrestling with whether it was better than 2012 (a topic that will be discussed in piece later on). This article is already so damn long, so I’ll keep this one short. I will write about a lot of these albums in the coming weeks.

Also Bangerz was dope…right guys…right?

Reading a lot of manga and watching a ton of anime.
kingdom manga

Straight up, I’m a nerd son. Like when I was in the sixth grade, my book bag took up the entire aisle on the bus, forcing people to hurdle over me to reach the back. This one time, on Archer Ave, I ran and slipped in the snow, but fell backwards…I couldn’t get up because of the weight of my knapsack (what pervert came up with that name), I resembled a turtle for a little bit. You know those kids that wish the Naruto universe was real? That was me, when my family went to pray, my fingers went into the ninjutsu sign.

Well, I’m still a nerd and damn proud of it. I’ve been reading manga like a mad man recently, thanks to my friend Kunal putting me onto Kingdom. It has 248 chapters, I read it in a week, I was not playing around. Of course if you read manga, you might as well do the more socially acceptable thing, and watch anime too. I consume hours of anime each week, but I’m not going to share the titled. Not because I’m embarrassed, rather due to the fact that I can never seem to finish a freaking series. I tell people about it and then they are done before me; then we talk about it, and i look like a fool cause I haven’t completed it yet. It annoys me.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it. Those four things. I hope you continue to read, because I will continue to write. Thank you all who have supported me, it’s really dope, I appreciate it so much. Sound off in the comment section about anything you want to see or anything that you liked. Peace, enjoy the last random song.

Jimi (@Nativejimi)